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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What WSI Franchisees are saying


I worked with WSI for a while and made nothing frm it. All the things I was promised by Robert Masson were lies. They figures a good wany to make money. They are scammers selling air. They are a sham and do not come thorough on wha t is promosed, like training, supplier, business assistance, anything. They take your money and run. Its sad these people are not in jail, where they belong. I wish I did not ever invest here, because now I am broke and lost. I had to sell my home and pay back the loans. I have had nothing but problems with WSI. Thanks for nothing! You stole my $50,000+. Liars and cheats. Here is the company directory for you. Troy Ireland = Internet Consultant Rene Garcia = Internet Consultant Ron McArthur is the President & Chief Operating Officer of WSI, Robert Masson is the Controller of the WSI group of companies Marcia Scott is the VP Lou Zalany is the WSI’s Chief Executive Officer Tore Steen is the Vice-Chairman

29 points to consider before buying a Worldsites franchise

I am an Australian Worldsites franchisee who lost a lot of money after 'investing' in one of their Internet franchises. I'd like to share my story, my experiences, my beliefs and remaining questions about this operation.
I looked into WSI and actually talked with a VP of marketing. They claim that 700 franchisees around the world back in 2001 and they still quote that same number! Actually, 700 is a tiny number. There are many companies that create websites, and WSI doesn't even tell you if there's a francisee near you. Also, there were other negative postings in this thread and somehow they got deleted, hmmm...
This is a scam - they are posting ads on other franchise sites they own to provide a point of reference. If you research you will find that WSI has over 55,000 inbound links to their site...that's a lot of advertising.
With "700 franchises 87 countries", you would think they'd have more than 10 or so demo sites to show.
Any legitimate franchise....especially one specializing in Web technology services, would have links on their site to current business owners/sites/customers. WSI does not. Don't you find this odd?

I purchased a franchise in 2003 and now realize it was the biggest mistake of my life. The support is horrible, there is no accountability and the training was a joke. I would not recommend this nightmare to anyone.

Anonymous said on 8 Sep 04:
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Anonymous said on 8 Sep 04:
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