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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Unfriendly To Search Engines - Franchisee Sites

Remember WSI claims to be the internet experts. Surely the expert knows a trick or two about web sites and generating web traffic. .....<--This red text "read on" is hidden from search engines, like "WSI" on their Franchisee Sites. Highlight "Read On...." with your mouse and you'll see the difference between an image and actual text

- started doing some research on existing franchisee's, but like many people, soon found that all searches point back to the company and their own press releases. they all come back to "press releases" and no independent reviews.

anyway...knowing how search engines work, I wondered why searches only brought you back to corporate or their press releases. search engines should pick up on all text, which in turn 'should' call up and sites with wsi text on them. this seemed weird. Then browsed a WSI Franchisee's site. I started highlighting the site (just use your mouse and drag from the corner), you'll see text highlight, character by character as you highlight. If what you highlight is an image, it'll highlight the whole image as a 'chunk'. The search engine will never pick wsi in the site, because it does not see text. it only sees an image.

this is why you'll rarely find a wsi franchisee site using google. you'll only find corporate. This way you’ll never be able to contact a franchisee to find out how succesful they really are. If unsuccessful franchisee's cannot find each other, then you cannot find out how others are doing.

See “non_search-friendly.jpg” above for illustration. In addition, “m e t a” tags are used for search engines to catalog websites based on their content. This is web-101 if you want traffic from search engines. Here’s what they put in the franchisee’s “m e t a” tags (BLANK!!!):

Why would corporate purposely create the franchisee site un-friendly to search engines?


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