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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Read the Rip Off Reports

They conduct numerous interviews to make you think that you are being qualified
to run a high tech, high demand product that will sell itself. They claim that
there is little competetion for thier services, and they throw numbers of
success at you that they don't dare publish anywhere. Once you are suckered and
pay up, things change dramatically!! They have been advertising that they have
700 franchisee's in 87 countries for 2 yeats now!!! When I went to training,
there were at least 50 new franchisees in my class, and they do this twice a
month!!! That to me is 1200 new franchisees a year!!! Thier production costs are
not competitive, yet they claim that you can mark up the client 5-10 times. This
means that they expect you to sell a basic website that they charge $800 to
develop to your client for 4k -8k!!! People look at me like i'm nuts!!!

The WSI network provides no value post sale and will ruin your professional reputation by a total lack of ability to deliver in any capacity. A couple of things you should know about WSI:1. They are in the business of growing the # of franchise owners2. They make money from royalties from both franchisors, production centers and suppliers (i.e. SEO/SEM "Experts")3. They and all suppliers are technically unsound. Antiquated coding languages, unsafe security practices are common place.4. The supppliers must offer such a low price there is no practicle way for them to provide any level of service.5. There are no Service Level Agreements in any relationship - you are on your own. No supplier will agree to provide any Service level agreement. You are responsible for every aspect of a project and any issues that arise. 6. The average time for a project takes approximately 4-6 Months and much longer for any customized solutions. This is based on over 25 Months experience and 12 projects.7. WSI Corporate has amongst the worst customer service (franchise facing) I have seen in 17 years of technology expereince. Not once has a problem been solved within 48 business hours...this includes issues as easy as password resets.8. Customer service gets worse with the production centers. They have no accountability to the franchise owners and you must escalate every issue. 9. No information concerning peer franchises are ever shared in the network. There is no visibility to what is successful and what is not. Absoloutely never are any revenue numbers shared. This can only lead to the assumption (and extensive chat room noise) that there are none in the black other than those making monay assisting WSI sell more franichises (What say ye Mr. Aldeman?). 10. Out of 30 people in my training, 2 are still acutally attempting to work in the network.Positives:1. You will learn a lot about internet technology, SEO, SEM etc. Unfortunately, it will cost you your reputation and as much money as you have to burn. 2. You will be wiser and will regonize WSI type ripsoffs like this. 3. If you do purchase - you will get an opportunity to write letters such as these. 4. If you are not totally disgusted, you will know how to run a real internet business, one that actually values clients and has integrity (not part of the WSI model). The WSI network provides no value post sale and will ruin your professional reputation by a total lack of ability to deliver in any capacity. Good luckJudy - Washington D.C, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.


  • I have a strong technical and general business background and believe in the internet marketing model. IF one were to start out on their own what would you suggest. 50K for a francise fee is steep for a business that is just a service operation.

    By Blogger wired2work, at 3:42 PM  

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