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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Price sheet To Franchisee's

WSI’s SIS software has an absolutely amazing resemblance to GIA or “General Internet Solution” offered by a third party developer Is B3’s GIA the same as WSI’s SIS?

WSI provides you with a list of "Production Centers", which are centers authorized to do WSI work. (AWP) is just one. WSI lists several Production Centers, but you are told that one specific center is the most productive and has the best turnaround time. You're basically talked into using these guys. The "reliable" Production Center, just so happens to be AWP. Concidence?

This is's price sheet:

WSI - AWP Production Center Price Sheet
Author: Nigel Brunel

This is the original developers price sheet:

B3 - Price Sheet
Check the properties of the file:
Author John Kempen

If you compare these file closely, you'll see where AWP marks up the cost 25% - 100% more than the original developers. As the Franchisee, to make money you need to then take a product that is already marked up by 25-100% and mark it up much more just to be profitable. Where does it end? How much profit are you REALLY making?

Price Comparison:
B3.COM.AU - Banner Advertising $150, Manage Banner Ads on your site.
AWP - Banner Ad System $300.00, Manage Banner Ads on your site.

This is a 100% markup from the original cost from WWW.B3.COM.AU

Think about this..... if you still have to pay marked up fees....then all you've paid for is $40k worth of marketing materials, not a brick and mortar business! As for your 1 week training at home office... You're $40k just paid for that training and then some.

Thanks to clipper for providing hosting for this file.


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