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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fees to Franchisee - 50-100% markup?

SIS (scalable internet solutions) is a product offered by WSI Production Centers. What you don't know until you buy your franchise is.... WSI does not directly develop the sites for you. They provide you with "Production Centers" that do the work. Their Primary Production center is AWP ( - Mr Nigel Brunel).

Back to the software.. WSI’s SIS software has an absolutely amazing resemblance to GIA or “General Internet Solution” offered by a third party developer Is B3’s GIA the same as WSI’s SIS?

Compare both systems... Do you think they look similar??

GIA (General Internet Solution) by

Also known as B3's Site Builder - Formerly known as the GIA II

SIS (Scalable Internet Solution) by (aka

Text from the Worldsites Website:

We looked at what comprises a modern site today and three products stand out. These products are databases with content editor, text editor and Targeted Marketing. Virtually every site can use these product functions to display hundreds of products, change information and keep in touch with customers, patients, staff, suppliers, or a distribution network. All these products are interactive in nature and therefore raise the functionality of a web site. Taking into account all these requirements we created various packages that we offer at very competitive prices. Below is a sample of these packages. Contact us for demonstration and more packages.

General GIA (General Internet Application)
*Dynamic website designed in ASP

*Dynamic Navigation Bar

*Content management system for every page (change the text as often as you want and when you want)

*Several databases

*FAQ section

*ATMT (Advanced Targeted Marketing Technology)

*Password-protected Client Access (Intranet) with the ability to upload documents for specific clients or groups

Compare Worldsites logo vs WSI logo on this image above.

You can find tons of live GIA/SIS systems that WSI's "Production Centers" have sold, by using the following search string on google: "index.asp?pgid=3 wsi". The bottom of the page should say: "Created and Maintained by WSI"

Are WSI's Franchisees paying WSI's Production centers more than what the software costs retail? According to the price lists, B3’s cost to clients is cheaper than WSI’s production center cost to Franchisees. is WSI's primary production/development center. What's the relationship of AWP and WSI? I wonder?

WSI’s Production centers costs to the Franchisee vs. B3’s price sheet, clearly shows it’s an edited version of b3’s original price list (b3 has a download link for their prices to be used as a template), but instead of packaged deals like b3 offers, WSI’s production center breaks up the packaged product and charges for add-on modules that are offered as free add-ons from the original developer.


Photo Gallery Add-On:
B3 Cost: $200
AWP Cost:$250

News Add-On:
B3 Cost: Free
AWP Cost: $100

Members/Business Directory Add-On:
B3 Cost: $200
AWP Cost: $400

Forms Builder/Autoresponder Add-On:
B3 Cost: FREE
AWP Cost: $80 is WSI’s Nigel Brunel

WSI breaks up the packaged product and charges separately for each option. It ends up costing you (the franchisee) more than if you bought from b3 directly as a package deal.

If you ask me….Why not cut out the middle man?

Q. Are they the same product? You be the judge…

The SIS system has the following files in their SIS system:

Here’s some comments from the inner workings of the system:


'output all sessions set to site.
'Coder = <#name removed for privacy#>,'B3 productions

' ### B3-SH 10/9/02 Fixed bug
' ### B3-SH 02/08/02

The SIS Solution even has a database file called "GIA*****.mdb". Hmmm.....I wonder why it's called GIA? Is this the same GIA as B3's "General Internet Application?"

Check out the software offered by You won't see the actual software unless you are a registered user. Request to be a reseller/partner. This will get you a userid and password too see the demos and samples of their product.

Review the 2 products yourself and you make the call! You’d be amazed at the similarities


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